The Heartbreaking 71 Last Pictures of Notre Dame

Samuel Chase
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Notre Dame

These pictures are some of the last ever taken of Notre Dame before fire engulfed the 856 year old structure on April 15th, 2019. The pictures were taken by Julie Ingoglia and Karen Nicolai who left the cathedral roughly thirty minutes before the fire started on Monday.

According to Nicolai, “We were up in the towers of Notre Dame at 11:30 seeing the gargoyles, then went back at 5pm to visit the church when the line was shorter. We left about 1/2 hour before the fire (started).”

Julie Ingoglia posted the following on Facebook, “Today is filled with such mixed emotions, gratitude for being blessed to see this iconic treasure and sadness at its loss. Each of these photos of Notre Dame has such greater meaning.”

We couldn’t agree with her more.

The Last Pictures of Notre Dame

The pictures here are unedited and taken with the blessed innocence of not knowing the tragedy that was about to unfold.

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