Today in History: Youngest MLB Player Hits Major League Homerun

Samuel Chase
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It was on August 20th, 1945 that a 17 year old (and 257 days) playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers became the youngest player to ever hit a Major League homerun. The Dodgers were playing the Pirates when Tommy Brown hit the homer off of Preacher Roe.

The Major League Homerun Could Have Happen Year Earlier

What’s even crazier? He could have accomplished this feat a year earlier. In 1944, Brown played 46 games. And while he did record four extra base hits, all doubles, he didn’t manage to hit a homerun.

The Dodgers had very high hopes for Brown that never seemed to pan out. Brown did play seven more seasons in the big leagues playing for the Phillies and Cubs. Despite a short career, Tommy Brown may keep the distinction of being the youngest player to homer in a major league game for decades to come. Keep in mind, he’s held the record for over 75 years already.

Youngest ever to hit a Major League Homerun

Babe Ruth Comparison

As comparison, Babe Ruth held the record for most homeruns for only 53 years. Well, maybe that isn’t much of a comparison…. but it’s worth noting.

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