Florida Town Inadvertently Sells Water Tower To Local Businessman! Social Media Outrage Explodes!

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Florida Town Inadvertently Sells Water Tower
Florida Town Inadvertently Sells Water Tower

A little town in central Florida made a huge blunder when they inadvertently sold their water tower to a local businessman. Headlines are blazing “Florida Town Inadvertently Sells Water Tower” and local residents have been voicing outrage ever since the mistake became public.

How a Florida Town Inadvertently Sells Water Tower

A local businessman, Bobby Read, had approached the city about purchasing a municipal building adjacent to the City of Brooksville’s water tower last year (2020) with the intention of opening a gym. Due to the pandemic, the sale for $55,000 didn’t take place until April of 2021. When the property closed, the legal description used included the water tower.  

Read didn’t find out about the mistake until he went to file for an address for the new business with Hernando County. Officials with Hernando County assured Read that the legal description included the water tower.

“I don’t know where the blame falls here,” Brooksville City Councilman Blake Bell told the Tampa Bay Times, the first news outlet to report the blunder.

Fortunately for Brooksville residents, Read was willing to give the water tower back.

However, the mistake caused an uproar on social media.

One resident posted an ad on Facebook Market Place stating, “Water Tower for Sale!” …. While some joked about it, others were genuinely upset and expressed their outrage with the current administration– both elected and unelected.

Brooksville Mayor Pat Brayton wants everyone to calm down.

He told the Tampa newspaper, “It’s all taken care of now. We’re all good. We just need to be darned sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

One thing is for sure though, no one is going to forget the day this small Florida town sold its water tower.

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