David Rush Breaks Toilet Paper Guinness World Record – Watch Video!

Samuel Chase
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Guinness World Record holder David Rush balancing 101 rolls of toilet paper!

Boise, Idaho — The Guinness World Record website has recently published a new record by David Rush, a serial Guinness World Record holder, for balancing 101 rolls of toilet paper on his head. The record was attained on May 8th, 2021 in Boise.

Over 200 Guinness World Records

David Rush currently holds more than 200 Guinness World Records. According to the Guinness website, Mr. Rush attempted this record to promote STEM education.

Some of the other world records include slicing kiwis, balancing a garden hoe, passing a giant inflatable ball, wrapping wife in plastic wrap, standing on a Swiss ball while slicing grapes and balancing a pool cue on forehead — to name just a few.

But, according to Mr. Rush, the most difficult record to date has been balancing the toilet paper on his head. The video is a compilation of failures and it provides a true sense of the difficulty involved.

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