About Wacky Explorer

Our Story

The project, Wacky Explorer, came about as I was trying to find something to hold the attention of my — then 13 year old son — Jacob, on our weekend visits. As a divorced father, keeping him interested in our visits and making our time together meaningful was always important. 

The idea came about one weekend when Jacob brought along his Flat Stanley’ as part of a school project and asked me to take a picture of him with ‘Flat Stanley’ on a visit to Busch Gardens.

“The basic principle of The Flat Stanley Project is to connect your child with other students by getting kids to  talk about, track, and write about their flat character’s journey and adventures.”

I liked the ‘Flat Stanley’ idea.

From there, we started visiting strange, odd, weird and otherwise wacky places of interest. Places that were off the beaten path. 

We had a lot of fun.

Eventually, we wanted to find a way to share this love of wacky things with others. And, we wanted to create a way that you could share your travels, hometown oddities, history and trivia with others (see User Submissions).

Thus was born WackyExplorers.com. If you want to be part of a dynamic community, we encourage you to Subscribe to our email newsletter and “Subscribe” to our Youtube Channel.

If you have a unique story to tell, we welcome your articles, suggestions, and pictures. Please submit your contributions to wackyexplorer@gmail.com or click on the following link, User Submissions.